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Pixar Animation Studios will be teaching people how to master the art of storytelling with a free online course! Pete Docter, Mark Andrews and several other filmmakers from the studio will be leading animation hopefuls through six online lessons.


The course provides insight into Pixar’s creative process and is accessible on the online education platform, Khan Academy. The series offers tips on how to sharpen the emotional appeal of stories, as well as how to create unique characters and worlds. The online classes will make use of videos, exercises and hands-on activities to bring students’ initial ideas to a final storyboard.


We hope that by sharing how we tell stories, we’ll inspire students all over the world to tell their own stories,” shared Docter.


The Art of Storytelling is the third season of Pixar In A Box, which launched for the first time on Khan Academy in 2015. Past lessons covered simulation, color science, virtual cameras, character modeling and rendering.


Khan Academy was founded in 2007 by Bangladeshi-American educator, Sal Khan. It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to providing online educational services for free. Pixar In A Box is funded by Disney. Check out the teaser for the third season of Pixar In A Box below!




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