Plenty Of ‘Action, Thrills And Laffs’ With First Trailer For ‘Captain Underpants’ | Film Trailer


For fans like myself that grew up ordering Captain Underpants from the Scholastic Reading Club forms every month, it’s been a long wait for a film adaptation of the humorous and wholesomely illustrated children’s novel series. But it looks like the wait is drawing to a close!


Dreamworks dropped the first official trailer for the upcoming animated film, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, earlier on their official YouTube channel.



Ed Helms and Kevin Hart open the trailer by bickering over just how much of a hero Captain Underpants really is, which is funny because it mirrors their characters in film – Principal Krupp (aka, Captain Underpants) and George Beard respectively.


The three minute clip shows that the film will closely follow the original bestselling book series, where two fourth grade pranksters start a comic book that comes to life when they hypnotize their ill-tempered principal into assuming the role of their comic book’s hero, Captain Underpants.


Straight off the bat, the animation style is a lot different from Dreamworks’ older, representative work (Prince Of Egypt, Shrek, Bee Movie) in that it’s true to the illustrations of the original book series, which is something I appreciate. The hint of the colour schemes and quips exchanged between our two fourth grade protagonists have definitely raised my expectations, too.


Though Dav Pilkey’s sensational novel series kicked off in 1997 and only wrapped up in 2015, the franchise lives on with the first epic film adaptation. Get ready to snap your fingers and bring forth Principal Krupp’s alter ego Captain Underpants this July!



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