Poet Nkemjika Chrisien Akudo Okeke Talks ‘Beyond Dialogismos’ With Sunday Trust | Arts


New and emerging poet Nkemjika Okeke has just had her first collection of poetry published, the book is called Beyond Dialogismos. She is a graduate of English and Literary studies from the University of Nigeria. In a recent interview with the Sunday Trust, Okeke discusses the prominence of social commentary in literature among other things, while also discussing her new book.


Regarding social commentary, Okeke refers to other Nigerian writers such as veteran playwright and poet Wole Soyinka, who wrote Death and the King’s Horseman, one of the most important plays in colonial history, about British colonial rule in Nigeria. She also mentions Commonwealth Poetry Prize winner Gabriel Okara, and notes them both for using their work to keep the people of Nigeria informed about its political affairs and injustices during the colonial ruling of western ignorance and occupation.


Their work offers a highly valid insight into Britain’s dodgy colonial past. Nkemjika also describes her relationship to her art in a very deeply connected way; her discourse explains the delicate and kinetic energy that brings her artistry alive. Enjoy this graceful interview here.



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