Polish Artist Dorota Konchevska Releases New Single ‘Gold Goes Out’

Dublin-based Polish artist Dorota Konchevska has released a new single titled “Gold Goes Out”.

Dorota started her career as a jazz vocalist before evolving into a multidimensional artist and producer capable of astounding feats of alchemy fusing her delicate voice with left-field electronic music. According to Dorota, “Every day, from morning to night, you have 24 hours to pick your own journey“.

Her songwriting and production reflect both her jazz and digital personalities. While the majority of her partners are lush, skilled jazzers, dancers, and other wild birds from all over the world, the themes of her albums are totally based on her spirituality.

When Dorota sought refuge in the forest cottage at the start of the epidemic, the thoughts for the song began to take shape. Faced with the continuity of a recent world in disorder, she discovered a variety of new reflections that needed to be expressed.

She pondered how to embrace change in the midst of a stressful internal environment. It’s a call to regain your connection to nature and everything that is, as well as the most fundamental vibrating note of all, love.

“Gold Goes Out” has the feel of a timeless classic, a thoughtful track that you can dance to or spend time in dreamy bubble bath yurts with. Soon later, the synths join in, as if everything had always been fine. The bass has a thick, warm tone to it. Answers to the questions It’s a remarkable achievement.

Listen to “Gold Goes Out” below:


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