Pop Sensation Ella Rose Oliveras Releases New Single ‘Young Heart’ | Music News


Pop singer Ella Rose Oliveras is about to be on every playlist with the release of her new single “Young Heart”. A powerful and inspired single that marks the first musical release of the year for the young singer.


She aims to create music with which her listeners can identify. On “Young Heart”, she talks about this desire that most of us have, which is to feel validated and appreciated by others. This needs to meet the expectations of society.


She said about her single “for me, writing this song captured some of the moments I’ve felt, and reminded myself that the only opinion that matters is mine.” explains the young singer. She also added, “being free from the need for validation is something super empowering to me, like being a badass, and that’s how I want others to feel while listening to this track”.


Ella Rose grew up in an environment where music was very prominent. It had a very important part in her life and this is what sparked her desire to create music herself. Thanks in particular to Taylor Swift, one of the singers who marked her year in 2005 and inspired her to become an artist.


In her music, it is also strongly possible to find artistic elements represented by Daniel Caesar, Jordan Smith, or Audrey Mika.


With dynamic lyrics and a charming tone, you can listen to her single “Young Heart” below:




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