Pope Francis To Make His Hollywood Debut | Film News


Jude Law was convincing enough as a pope in the drama series The Young Pope to win the drama series a second season (which is currently in development). But Pope Francis, who is about to make his own Hollywood debut, might give the actor a run for his money.


Pope Francis is the people’s populist sweetheart and he’s bringing his focus on the impoverished to the big screen in the upcoming feature film Beyond The Sun. The movie comes at the Pope’s own request, as he wanted to see “a movie for children that communicates Jesus’ message.


Graciela Rodriguez helms the film as director and writer and the cast is comprised of Aiden Cumming-Teicher, Cory Gruter-Andrew, Emma Duke, Kyle Breitkopf and Sebastiάn Alexander Chou. Pope Francis’ own cameo came at the unsurprising price of charity support.


Pope Francis was willing to participate in the movie to support charity as all profits from “Beyond the Sun” will be donated to two selected charities – El Almendro and Los Hogares de Cristo,” confirmed AMBI, the film’s financier.


The film has just wrapped up production in Argentina and there is no set release date as of now, but stay tuned for further information!



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