‘Port Of Earth’ Adaptation Being Developed For Amazon | TV News


Amazon Studios and Skybound Entertainment have teamed up to develop an adaptation of the sci-fi comic book Port Of Earth. Creator Zack Kaplan launched the series in 2017, with art by Andrea Mutti. A TV series is in the works for Amazon’s streaming service.


Port Of Earth is described as a gritty sci-fi series, and tells the story of an alien alliance called The Consortium that has arrived on Earth with a business proposition: they want Earth opened as a spaceport for their customers to use. In exchange, humans will receive advanced technology upgrades.


However, when rogue aliens break the Port restrictions and wreak havoc in different cities, the terms of the deal begin to change. It is soon up to the Earth Security Agents to send them back to the Port of Earth. The Consortium represents thousands of alien planets, and the series delves into various political issues, including exploitation, espionage, duplicity, and leverage.


Kaplan will executive produce, but there’s currently no word on who will be the creative force behind the series. This is Kaplan’s third comic book series to be optioned in the past two years, following Eclipse – which is also in development at Skybound – and Lost City Explorer, which was set up at Universal Television.


Amazon have made a push recently to go after big productions, such as their very expensive Lord Of The Rings series. Although Port Of Earth doesn’t have the same built-in audience, it has the potential to be similarly epic. Amazon will be hoping the huge success of other sci-fi shows, such as HBO’s Westworld, is a sign that Port Of Earth can develop the same kind of rabid fanbase.



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