Portland Musician Rebecca Conner Releases New Single ‘Phoenix Rise’ | Music News


Portland singer and songwriter Rebecca Conner has released a brand new single titled “Phoenix Rise” from her latest album Wings. It is a rhythmic and soft song, where her voice just slides on the music, accompanied by a jazz and soul band that gives the track even more dimension and energy to it.


“Phoenix Rise” starts off very smoothly and then Rebecca arrives and imposes her voice. The band continues all along the song to play in a very cheerful way. This is a song about leaving the stuff that doesn’t belong in your life anymore, that just keeps you away from moving on and doing something new.


It is really about transitioning into a new life like the post-COVID one for examples, which we are hopefully getting closer and closer to. The goal here is to give back some right energy and of course, Rebecca tells her own experience and story of transition, likened to a phoenix rising from the past.


Rebecca Conner is a jazz-trained guitarist and vocalist, she uses all her knowledge to create a genre of music that uses different types of genres and influences. World beats and funky grooves intermixed with soulful horns and folk delicacy are the main vibes with Rebecca.


She has velvet vocals, which give every song a certain vulnerability that makes listeners experience sounds that dig down to their core. She is a talented singer, and with the release of her first album, the singer surely has a lot to do right now and we are excited to see what is next.


Listen to the single “Phoenix Rise” here.




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