Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment | Music Video

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jason Sechrist (drums); John Baldwin Gourley (guitars, lead vocals); Zachary Scott Carothers (bass, background vocals); Ryan Neighbors (keyboards, background vocals).


The American alt-rock band Portugal. The Man, have just released the music video for their new single “Live In The Moment” via Atlantic Records.


The track is taken from their eighth full-length album entitled Woodstock which has gained a lot of critical acclaimed since its release on June 16, 2017. Indeed, this album also features their global breakthrough single “Feel It Still“.


The clip for this song is their third collaboration with the famous director Aaron Brown known for having worked also with artists such as Arctic Monkeys and King Krule. Indeed this music video follows the ones for “Feel It Still” and “Rich Friends“.


Speaking about this stranger video, the creative director Erik Fahrenkopf said: “The guys from Portugal. The Man asked us to create a music video for their single ‘Live in the Moment.’ We said, ‘Yes!’ Then we said, ‘Hold on, when’s it due?’ And they were like, ‘I don’t know; you should talk to our manager, Rich’.


And Rich said, ‘Real soon.’ We said, ‘What if we worked with Lance Woolen* to build a 10-foot puppet and had him ride around on a Cadillac like it was a skateboard, and then he gets chased by a 10-foot cop on top of a giant Segway?’ Rich said, ‘I don’t know, lemme ask the band’.


They said, ‘That sounds pretty stupid. Can we shoot it next Thursday?’ We said, ‘How about Wednesday?’ And they said, ‘Wednesday’s actually better.’ And we said, ‘Let’s shoot in Portland, with a local crew. Even the stuntman.’ And they said, ‘Stuntman?’ And we said, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna kickflip a Cadillac.’ And they said, ‘If we don’t total the Cadillac, can we have it?’ And we said, ‘Of course.’…we totaled the Cadillac…and the backup Cadillac“.


Check it out below.




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