Post Apocalyptic ‘Zorro’ Reboot To Begin Filming In 2016 | Film News


Rumours and talks have been quiet for some time regarding the reboot of the masked man of mystery Zorro. However there have now been reports that Zorro Reborn will begin preliminary shooting next year at Pinewood Studios Dominican Republic, thanks to financing from Lantica Media and Sobini Films.


Previous rumblings regarding the project, hinted that the masked hero will be placed in a futuristic post apocalyptic wasteland (have they been watching Fury Road?) unlike previous historical interpretations. Mark Amin is currently tied to the project as producer, with previous production credits such as Filth and three Leprechaun films. Since the 1950’s Disney TV series, there have been a number of Zorro films and this interpretation may well end up being the most original.



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