‘Power Rangers’ Cinematic Universe Coming To Netflix

It was announced last year that Entertainment One, Hasbro’s entertainment studio, was planning to create a new Power Rangers cinematic universe. Jonathan Entwistle (I Am Not Okay With This) was brought on board to spearhead a “franchise reboot initiative” that would consist of multiple new film and TV adaptations of the property.

We now know where those film and TV adaptations will reside – Netflix. The first film in this new universe, first announced back in 2019, will follow the Power Rangers traveling back in time to the 1990s and trying to get back home. Entwistle will direct, with Patrick Burleigh (Eternals) writing the screenplay.

Despite the assurance of multiple shows and films, there are currently no other details regarding the “franchise reboot initiative” of the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers franchise began in the 90s with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The series has since spawned 21 different series, three theatrical films, and countless comics, toys, and video games. But the latest cinematic outing was the 2017 film, which was considered a box office bomb after making just $142.3 million on a $105 million budget.

That’s usually a sign that audiences aren’t interested in what you’re selling, so Netflix and Entertainment One are hoping that all the content being available on the most popular streaming platform will lead to better results.

Studios have tried to follow the MCU formula and failed, and Netflix have repeatedly been trying to develop their own successful franchises, and haven’t got particularly far. Both parties are hoping the other is the answer to their prayers. We’ll see if Power Rangers is a strong enough brand to hold up an entire universe.


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