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Prada‘s sportswear line Linea Rossa returns for Spring/Summer 2019 with an appropriately progressive campaign. Re-launched last september, after 20 years, it reminded us of Prada’s love for the production and re-edition of technical fabrics. The seasonal goods are highlighted with various snapshot of models in motion, demonstrating the versatility of the function-inspired garments.


Originally launched in 1997, Prada Linea Rossa was the brand’s definitive commitment to the progressive, technically inspired and sporty designs from the 1990s. Now, they used a completely new perspective – a fusion of sportswear and contemporary elegance.


The Prada Linea Rossa Spring Summer 2019 collection features garments designed with avant-garde techniques and made of innovative, futuristic materials.


The sub-label focuses on affordable sportswear that leans more towards technical than mainline collections, with plenty of lightweight, stretchy and technical textiles appearing throughout the range. Naturally, this includes Prada’s signature breathable nylon, complete with unmistakable rubber tag.


The collection is characterised by clean lines and neutral tones that inform the trim black nylon pants and hooded shirts, which co-mingle with billowing grey ponchos and relaxed shorts. It couldn’t miss on the iconic Prada essential branded bucket hats that complete each look, while sporty eyewear and matching bags drive the space-age mentality home. Check out the collection below.













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