Prepare For ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ | Film Trailer

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Prepare For ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ | Film Trailer

Angry Birds Movie


For what started off as a simple mobile game in which suicidal birds kamikazed themselves into structures hiding egg-stealing pigs, Angry Birds has done pretty well for itself as it has now got itself a movie deal. Ready yourself for an adventure with angry Red (Jason Sudeikis), speedy Chuck (Josh Gad), much-needed anger therapist Matilda (Maya Rudolph) and the aptly-named Bomb (Danny McBride) as they attempt to explain what has made these birds so damn angry.


In preparation for the release of The Angry Birds Movie in May, a trailer has been released and it helps to explain the backstory to the hugely popular game whilst adding a touch of sensibility to the characters who will soon be recreating Pearl Harbour on the pigs’ homes. It may sound crazy, but the game has proven so popular we should have expected something like this. To learn more about Red and his pals, check out the trailer below. The Angry Birds Movie will be released May 20.




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