PRISM Launches New Collection Via PRISMoji App | Fashion News



PRISM, a luxury beachwear label founded in London in 2009, is celebrating the release of its pre-autumn/winter 2016 collection by launching its first ever app, PRISMoji.


The app, which is available for free now, features the brand’s full range of accessories, including swimwear, sunglasses, sandals and its signature espadrille, all with a corresponding emoji.


Founder, Anna Laub, commented: “I chose emojis because we all kind of speak in this language now and use emojis so much in daily chat online. I thought PRISMoji was a cute way to get people involved in the world of PRISM. It’s also a fun way to shop the collection and see it in action, engaging the consumer in another light”.


In another move destined to get people excited, famous fans like Kate Moss, Rihanna and Beyoncé also appear in emoji form, showcasing their favourite PRISM styles.



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