Priya Ragu Invites You To A Feast Of Chimeras With New Single ‘Illuminous’

Priya Ragu, the Tamil-Swiss singer-songwriter based in the United Kingdom, is back with her new song titled “Illuminous“.

The R&B tinged “Illuminous” is a song that immediately put you in shape with its rhythm and lyrics. Priya is fully living her life far away from the Tamil standards.

At 30 years old, she gave up her job to start a singing career and now, Priya Ragu is vastly considering as a global rising star. The self-determination and courage that she showed along her journey have been rewarded by success.

Taking inspiration from her roots back to Sri Lanka, she gave herself the mission to fight against standards imposed by Indian society.

The music video will make you become dazed by the chimeric party it is throwing. Priya Ragu’s body changes and she appears with a bodybuilder body to put her femininity under the spotlight, and when the music video ends, you ask yourself if it was the reality or not.

According to Priya Ragu “This is how I feel at this stage in my life and with this song I want to encourage others to find that one thing. Apart from all that, it’s also a turn up song, so you know what you gotta do!

Watch the “Illuminous” video here:


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