‘Project Power’ Directors To Helm Action-Thriller ‘Nemesis’ | Film News


Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman just had their superhero franchise starter Project Power debut on Netflix, and they’ve already secured a follow-up gig. The duo have signed on to direct a sci-fi action thriller titled Nemesis for Warner Bros.


The film will reportedly follow a genius engineer who witnesses the President of the United States commit a deadly crime, and teams up with a vigilante to take down the President and his corrupt government. Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman) penned the most recent draft of the script, with previous versions written by Stephen Chin (War Dogs).


There’s not much to go on with that small but intriguing premise, and who knows where the sci-fi element is, but it sounds a like a mix between those action movies where the President is at the centre (Independence Day, Olympus Has Fallen, etc.) and Alan J. Pakula‘s paranoia trilogy, although expect Nemesis to be far more bombastic than Pakula’s movies.


Joost and Schulman aren’t particularly new to the scene, as they made their name with a debut film you’ve probably heard of – Catfish. That established them as genre filmmakers and led to projects such as a couple of Paranormal Activity sequels and the tech-thriller Nerve, before Project Power hit Netflix last month.


Hopefully we’ll hear a more expanded synopsis regarding Nemesis that maybe explains the sci-fi element more down the line. This isn’t the only project Joost and Schulman have in the works though, as they’re also helping produce The Watcher, based on a true story about a stalker whose menacing letters prevented a family moving into their new home.


They’re also working with Project Power writer Mattson Tomlin (who also helped pen Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman) on a Mega Man movie, as well as an adaptation of The Monkey Wrench Gang, which revolves around a group of radical environmental activists.



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