Protests Break Out In Indonesia Against New Corruption Law | Politics


At the beginning of this week, thousands of protesters have raised their voice in several Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, West Java’s Bandung and Sulawesi. The reason for the outbreak of the demonstration lies in the future approval of controversial reforms by the Jakarta Parliament. The most criticized reform concerns curtailing the internal power of its anti-corruption body: it was the president Jokowi, who wanted this change.


He has the intention to revoke a law that had been able to allow the operations of anti-corruption. The managing of actions against the corruption in Indonesia were guaranteed by the important organism Corruption Eradication Commission. It was established in 2002 and since then, hundreds of politicians prosecuted it, as they saw in it the cause of the reduction of their powers.


The proposal of the revision of this law was what made the public react against the president. Especially many students have hit the streets, asking for the protection of the Corruption Eradication Commission. It is one of the biggest protests in recent decades. Now protesters will have to face the violence  of the Indonesian riot police, which is deploying tear gas on people.


On the other side, the president continue to be sure about the reform. “Our constitution guarantees freedom of expression, but the most important, do not be an anarchist who causes harm and violates the law”, he said.



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