PSG F.C. Demands M.I.A Remove ‘Borders’ Video | Music News

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PSG F.C. Demands M.I.A Remove ‘Borders’ Video | Music News



M.I.A.‘s “Borders” video which took a whack at bringing the worlds attention to the refugee crisis, is now under scrutiny from… Paris St Germain football team? As bizarre as that sounds, it’s all true and here’s why. Despite the theme of the video having absolutely nothing to do with the Ligue 1 club, one of her outfits in the video includes a PSG jersey.


However, the Fly Emirates logo which is centered below the PSG crest has been altered to read “Fly Pirates”. As a result, the football club believed their reputation was at stake by the actions of this controversial singer and demanded for the video to be taken town. They even go one step further and ask for financial compensation. This is a bit rich coming from a multi-million pound sporting franchise. Then again, maybe they’ve finally realised 44.3 million for Di Maria was a tad too much after all.




M.I.A. defended her actions on twitter and reacted with a tweet stating “BORDERS came out the day of Paris Memorial Day ceremony for victims of Paris attack. Having an Eiffel tower on my tee was support I thought”. The video has since been taken down, but can be viewed on a third party channel here:




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