Psy – Napal Baji | Music Video

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Psy – Napal Baji | Music Video



With such success following his “Gangnam Style” release back in July 2012 from his sixth studio album; PSY 6, it is with full apprehension that we share a new single from PSY titled “Napal Baji”. Trying to top a YouTube video reaching over 1 billion views worldwide can be a hard task. Topping “Gangnam Style” will be tough but the video for “Napal Baji” showcases a flourishing of color, fashion, and as usual eccentricity. It is taken from Psy’s seventh album PSY 7 and it is released alongside a second single titled “Daddy” which you can watch here, check out “Napal Baji” below and purchase PSY 7 on iTunes here.



#Peace.Love. DaddyNapalBaji

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