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Pumarosa have today released “Heaven”, the second track from the band’s second record Devastation, due for release on November 1. This work comes after the success of their 2017 record The Witch.


The band have described this new track as “a love song. It’s sadness and longing. When you don’t want it to end. In a weightless place, suspended out of time”, with frontwoman Isabel adding, “I guess that’s just where you find yourself sometimes. And all you want is for the love to stay. I guess ‘Heaven’ has this celestial feel to it though, I can see outer space when I sing it and hear the music. Colours and points of light in endless darkness”.


The song will be part of a sophomore record led by house beats, ghostly electronics and existential euphoria. Moreover, “Heaven” has been selected to feature on the latest FIFA 2020 soundtrack, the popular football game with fans all around the globe that has launched many music hits in the last years.


To celebrate the new album, the group will also be heading out on a Winter tour, which will bring them across UK and Ireland with the shows in London on November 27 and Dublin on November 29 sure to be memorable. Listen to “Heaven” below.




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