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Dreamer Boy is the musical project of Zach Taylor, who debuted alongside his roommate/producer Bobby Knepper with “Love, Nostalgia” in late 2018. The promising collaboration includes also Adam Alonzo, and Cody Clark, all of them live together to support their musical creations in what they have called “The Dream House”, in Nashville.


Deeply inspired by his origin roots, Dreamer boy, also self-labelled as “cowboy pop”, starts his musical trip in Nashville to then expand his music without any boundaries, in order to reach all the good the world has to offer. His latest musical creation is “Puppy Dog”, a single which he is now performing in his UK tour, dividing the stage with Clairo.


His somnolent voice sings speedily on the guitar riffs evoking a dreamy atmosphere and at the same time danceable thanks to the drums coordinately rhymed with the guitars. Sounds distort themselves while his voice overwhelms every notes. Then a guitar solo frizzes, creating a groovy sensation, perfect to dance on the dancefloor.


Zach described the song as “lighthearted but still sincere. It’s hoping that person you’re into finally sees you as more than a friend. I also just wanted to have fun and dance at the shows with this one.”


Listen to the song below:




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