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Quality Living is a 5-piece band from New Jersey. Before this point, the band had mostly traded in carefree, sunny indie music, but with the arrival of four new members, the band is celebrating a rebirth.


So the fundamentals are there, but with new straws of DNA from rock’s slackers, yacht-loungers, and lo-fi layabouts, and the band is about to release a new album titled Something Softly Caught Me, which is due to drop in 2020.


In the meantime, they have released a new track from their upcoming album. Titled “Pretty Down”, it deals with witches, spirits, skewered crawdads and childhood homes being bulldozed. However the music’s message, delivered by lead singer Darrel Norrell, is that there is hope for the future and something to look forward to.


The engrossing story features sax of Harrison Bieth, the bar-band piano plonk of Danny Augugliaro, and the rhythm section is due to bassist Steven Serr. Finally the melody is done by Chua.


The whole song is sort of aimed at the childlike experience of supernatural fuckery. And I don’t know why, but because one of us in the band was embroiled in a battle to keep his childhood home at the time, it all got a twist of loss”, said Darrel about the song.


Listen to “Pretty Down” here:




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