Queen Latifah To Star In ‘The Tiger Rising’ Adaptation | Film News

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Queen Latifah To Star In ‘The Tiger Rising’ Adaptation | Film News


Queen Latifah is set to star in and produce an adaptation of Kate DiCamillo‘s 2001 children’s book, The Tiger Rising. Ray Giarratana, a longtime visual effects guru known for his work on John Wick and Outlaw King, has adapted the screenplay and will direct.


The story of The Tiger Rising follows a shy 12-year-old boy who finds a caged tiger in the woods near his home. He soon meets a girl who is far more comfortable in her own skin than he is. As they become friends through learning to trust each other, the duo realise that some things – whether tigers or painful memories – can’t be locked up forever.


Latifah will play Willie May, a wise and compassionate chambermaid at a local hotel who becomes a source of comfort and advice for the children. The deal for the film rights was finalised at the Cannes Film Festival. GG Filmz and Thomasville Pictures will be producing. The film will head into production this autumn.


DiCamillo’s book quickly became a New York Times Bestseller upon publication. It was also a National Book Award finalist. The distributor has not been worked out yet, but considering their recently announced projects, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Netflix snap this one up. With Disney+ incoming, they have been in the market for kid-friendly content, and The Tiger Rising would fit nicely.



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