Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Secures Filming Location | Film News


Quentin Tarantino’s next feature The Hateful Eight has finally scouted out its perfect location. Competing against other states such as Utah and Wyoming, Tarantino reportedly ‘fell in love’ with the Schmid Family Ranch near Telluride in south western Colorado. It has also been reported that Economic Development Commission has approved a $5 million incentive offered up to the film company. Production is set to begin on December 8, with a total budget of $44 million, The Hateful Eight is set to become the biggest production in Colorado since True Grit in 1969.


There have been many rumours recently over who will star in the film, including Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen who have all previously starred in a Tarantino film. There were also reports that Jennifer Lawrence and Viggo Mortensen might join the project. The western will follow a group of bounty hunters who find shelter in a near by tavern during a snow storm. Considering Tarantino’s huge fan base and the success of his last western Django Unchained which brought in over $400 million, there is no doubt, anticipation for this film will sky rocket as more details are released. Until then, get excited about casting updates which are sure to follow very soon!



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