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R.I.P. BBC Three? | TV News



It’s official. Our beloved BBC Three’s day of reckoning has come… Or has been announced at least. It’s been reported that BBC Three as we know it will be axed in a mere three months. There’s been a lot of discussion over the past, more about what will happen to the BBC over coming months, and to be honest this announcement is unsurprising.


Most know that BBC Three doesn’t get the viewing figures of its sibling channels, BBC One and Two. In many ways, BBC Three appeals to younger viewers with its constant late night re-runs of Family Guy and quirky dating programmes, such as Sexy Beasts. However, it doesn’t mean it didn’t have its place, albeit a small one.


But alas, all is not lost! According to The BBC Trust, BBC Three’s content will be gradually moved to the online streaming device, iPlayer, in order to bear “down on costs“. Although this may suit many viewers perfectly well, there’s something about streaming content made for TV exclusively online that seems a little sad. That said, everything seems to be online these days, so maybe this isn’t the death sentence it could have been for the BBC’s youngest channel?



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