R I T U A L + Chester Watson – Amnesia | New Music


Mysterious London trio R I T U A L have released a new song titled “Amnesia“, the fourth of their four track EP The Fall. “Amnesia” completes the dark, dreamy, spacious EP with a sound as mystical as the group who created it. The touching, emotional new music features a strong verse from 17-year old American rapper Chester Watson, a verse which does well to further enhance the dark mood of the track. “Amnesia” is crafted from a balladic soft piano, misty plucks of gentle chords and sweet vocals from the band’s unknown singer. When we will learn the identity of the enigmatic trio is yet to be known, but what we do know is that people will be hungry for more releases in 2015. Listen to latest release “Amnesia” below, and purchase The Fall EP here.




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