R-Rated ‘Batman V Superman’ Heading To Blu-Ray | Film News

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R-Rated ‘Batman V Superman’ Heading To Blu-Ray | Film News

Batman v Superman


When comparing Marvel and DC the most notable difference between them is their tone. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is designed for mass consumption, hitting a tone that is a balance of seriousness and light-hearted comedy which can create appeal across a wide spectrum of demographics.


DC have taken a different approach. Following the spirit of their intellectual predecessor, Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight trilogy, DC and Zach Snyder are going dark, dark, dark for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Consequently, the film has a cinematic PG 13 rating, meaning parents who would have no issue in taking their kids to see a Marvel film may not be quite so willing for Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad.


Regardless, this is a standard rating to come from the MPAA and so most interested parties won’t be seriously affected. However, it has been revealed that a home entertainment version of the film, entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition has been rated R by the same censor board on grounds of violence.


Zach Snyder has said in the past that he is a fanatical admirer of Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns; the violent graphic novel that is considered one of the greatest comic series of all time and an inspiration for this film. It is therefore in keeping with its violent tone that Snyder’s special edition will contain more moments of graphic content than would be financially lucrative for a cinematic version.


It remains to be seen in what ways the Ultimate Edition will be more violent, but the theatrical cut is already 2 hours 31 minutes long, so this edition must be close to the 3 hour mark. You can see the PG 13 cut in cinemas when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released March 25. Check out the trailer below.




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