Radiohead Unveil Rare Track ‘Ill Wind’ | Music News

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Radiohead have unveiled a cut track from their recording sessions of their latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool. “Ill Wind” is only available on the deluxe, pre-purchased edition of the record, which was shipped to fans recently.


The only complaint you could have about the track is that it somehow didn’t make the album. This is Radiohead at their sauntering best: Yorke’s vocals over the sullen, jazz-inspired drums, borrowed from In Rainbows set, steer the track into a dark, yet hypnotic tangent.


All of Radiohead’s unique flavours, from electronic dabbling to orchestral soundscaping, are channelled into “Ill Wind”, and its haunting outro could easily be mistaken for a cut from Boards Of Canada’s Geogaddi.



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