Radiohead Tantalise Fans Amid PolyFauna App Update | Music News


Veteran rock group Radiohead have added new audio and visuals to their smartphone app PolyFauna that gives fans glimpses of what to expect from the new record. The application shows new atmospheric sounds and anomalous visuals which frontman Thom Yorke describes as “a project coming from an interest in early computer life experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious”.


It certainly suggests that the group have decided to delve deeper into contemporary art and ambiguous concepts. This can be epitomized by latest album artwork tweeted by Yorke who is working alongside Nigel Godrich and Stanley Donwood, more images can be found here: The band are currently rehearsing as they begin to follow up from from their previous record, King Of Limbs. Furthermore they have announced that they will enter the recording studio later this month.




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