It was Raf Simons‘s time to shine in the fashion industry this week, as the Belgian designer just unveiled his Fall/Winter 2021 Ready-To-Wear collection. This collection was made especially for both men and women, with the creative director for Prada keeping his identity throughout the luxury brand and his.


As usual, the collection is full of Raf Simons’s actual style, quite simple but still fashionable and trendy. As he described the collection: “The collection is about things I love—things I have always loved, that are always there in every collection, in the processes behind it, and the clothes“.


Regarding the collection itself, as being both men and womenswear, the collection has most a lot of neutral tones, cream color, light, and dark browns but with some items a touch of bright color to avoid being in the cliché Fall/Winter only dark tones.


Long puffy jackets are back as well as the 90s sleeveless jumpers that dress a simple shirt, it has been over a year now a huge trend and Raf knew that but gave it a more high fashion touch to the item. We find long winter jumpers with some trendy flare trousers too.


Regardless of your silhouette, these outfits will find you like a dream, everything is oversized or long so no worries about how it would look on you. And that goes for the shoes too, in this collection we have big rubber boots, in different colors, ankle boots too.


Raf characterized his collection in six words: “Ataraxia, equanimity, dichotomy, synchronicity, allegiance, devotion“. You would find these words without any special meaning but for the designer, it means something for the collection.


Please find below some pictures of the collection.



Watch the show here:




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