Raheem Bakaré – Forever You | Music Video

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Raheem Bakaré – Forever You | Music Video

Raheem Bakaré 18.02.2016ANDREW


After his AWOL EP, South London’s Raheem Bakaré returns with new single “Forever You”. It begins with a backward piano sample, and then kicks in with what seems like triumphant keyboard horns and a rattling drum track. The singing is soulful, and may remind one of Daley. He changes his delivery up towards the end of the track, giving good vocal variety.


The lyric video has more than just a karaoke aspect to it. A fair chunk of the visuals are submerged underwater, and then takes to the skies. Generally it is very intimate, hence the title “Forever You”. Other than the moon falling and the sun rising, some of it is a tad curious. For one, the implied imagery of a woman licking a jellyfish. Perhaps the potential sting of lust?




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