Ran Nir – Hold Me In Your Arms Again | New Music

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Ran Nir – Hold Me In Your Arms Again | New Music


Ran Nir is not new to the music industry. Indeed, he was a founding member of the band Asaf Avidan and The Mojos and the singer-songwriter and frontman of the band LFNT. He traveled all around the world touring with these Rock band. And now, after a long career with the two bands and a relocation to Berlin, he’s now introducing his first solo album titled Obsession.


His debut album is co-produced with Erez Franks and recorded in his own Berlin Apartment. The album captures his last five years traveling from Tel-Aviv to Berlin struggling with his minds about love, family, friends and things that matter most. That’s the reason why he titled the album Obsession, as music appeared, for him, to find a cure for life.


And today, I’m introducing you “Hold Me In Your Arms” released on September 27. Even if this track is quite sad, after listening to it, I felt better. Like if he relief ourselves with sweetness. With his deep and bass voice, he enchanted us.


The track is led by only guitar, his voice, and a chorus which appears as whistles, creating lush harmonies. The lyrics are sensitive and emotionally rich about a man who wants to be next to her lover. It’s the perfect romantic and melancholic love song. And, I have to say that he reminds me of legendary Leonard Cohen. I hope to discover other songs soon. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as me, listen to “Hold Me In Your Arms Again” below:




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