Randall Park & Sterling K. Brown Teaming Up For Buddy Action Comedy At Amazon

Randall Park and Sterling K. Brown have signed on to team up in a buddy action comedy in the works at Amazon. Alex Tse, who recently created Wu-Tang: An American Saga for Hulu alongside RZA, and previously penned 2009’s Watchmen, will write the screenplay, which is reportedly aiming for similar vibes to the Eddie MurphyNick Nolte action comedy 48 Hrs.

The story revolves around two estranged childhood best friends, who now find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Framed and on the run, the two must survive each other long enough to clear their names and stop an international criminal enterprise.

In addition to starring, Brown and Park will produce via their respective banners, Indian Meadows and Imminent Collision. Indian Meadows seeks to champion diversity through the development and production of entertaining, educational and inclusive projects, while Imminent Collision aims to create distinct, universal and comedy-forward stories about Asian Americans for all audiences.

No further details are currently available about the untitled project, but Park and Brown are two different but great actors who can hopefully play off each other well. Brown is more known for his serious work on shows such as This Is Us, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and American Crime Story, so expect him to play the straight man in the film.

Park is best known for his comedy work, starring in Fresh Off The Boat, Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe, and turning up in and stealing the show in various supporting roles, most recently in WandaVision.

He’ll likely be the goofier character, unless the film intends for deliberate subversion, something like Tango & Cash, which starred Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell, but not in the roles you’d typically expect of them.

We’ll wait for more details on the film to arrive. At least this is a movie Amazon can’t purchase for millions of dollars from another studio.


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