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The single “S.O.T.S.” from rap artist Duhon was released this March 31! Following the release of his single “Why Me” and “Terror Dome” earlier this year, the artist from Menifee, California, an unknown little town that he wants to show off, returns to give us a vibrant sound once again.


The artist who combines both professional skills and musical achievements, distinguishes himself from all the others by his style mixing the modern scene and the golden age. His sounds are vibrant, sincere, versatile and humble. His music sounds like a mix of Mos Def, Mac Miller and A Tribe Called Quest.


In the course of his career, he appeared on the single “Everytime” by artists Mark Akol & J Clu. This single was later included in the Spotify editorial playlist. His single “Hustle & Grind” also appeared in the list of YouTube-influencer Patrick Cc’s list of the hottest songs of 2019.


Through singles such as “Terror Dome” or “Why Me” the artist shows great sincerity, revealing all his personal thoughts and emotions. His latest single “S.O.T.S” – “System Of The Scheme” – pays tribute to artists like Kendrick Lamar and Rakim. In this sound, the artist puts his voice full of character on an instrumental in the style of golden age.


Listen to it here:




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