Rapper Kij Drops Audio And Visuals For New Single ‘OK’ | Music News


British rapper Kij has recently dropped his newest single “OK”, kickstarting his 2020 with a refreshing audio and clean visuals that are the best introduction for his debut EP expected to be released this year.


Born in Kennington, South London, the artist has been performing with his friends under the name Kingkija before shortening it to Kij when he released his debut single “Deadlines (Wys)” last year. Since then, he has grabbed the attention of many platforms worldwide, such as UK Hip-Hop Talk, Dummy Magazine and the Global Money World, that stated: “The rap performance is magic at every turn”.


And there is definitely some magic in his latest release “OK”, a powerful rap track with a pulsating rhythm and inspiring lyrics that aim to encourage the listener to have a positive approach towards life, even when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction.


In the clean visuals for “OK”, Kij meets with several misfortunes caused both by himself and the people around him, like a guy dropping coffee on his white shirt while walking on the street or some kids hitting him with water guns. Nevertheless, he manages to come out of all the unexpected inconveniences always with a smile on his face.


The recurring lines “We’re alright/we’re okay” express well Kij’s intent of encouraging people to always keep their heads up despite the self-doubts and accidents that may occur in their everyday life. Once you listen to “OK”, you will struggle to leave the infectious loop that Kij perfectly created. Try out yourself right now.


Watch the video for “OK” here:




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