Rapper Rad Drops New Single ‘Pray’ With Aown | Music News

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Rapper Rad Drops New Single ‘Pray’ With Aown | Music News


Rapper and producer Rad, also known as Radames Duran, has just released his new single “Pray”, which sees him featuring with one of his best friends Aown. The track is included in his latest six songs EP On Set.


Born in Brooklyn, the 25-year-old artist started his music career when at age 19 he began writing lyrics in a marble notebook in his childhood home. He has never stopped since then, and, after two years, Rad recorded his first songs, using sampled beats with a 90s rap feel.


His impressive bass-focused beats and his meaningful lyrics made his name stand out from the vast rap music scene of New York City. Taking much care of his rhyme schemes, Rad has as main model artists like J. Cole, Jay-Z, Joey Bada$$, Earl Sweatshirt and Nas.


Rad’s thoughtful lyrics deliver important messages through his upbeat singles and “Pray” is one more great proof of his songwriting talent. As Rad himself explained, despite his title, “Pray” does not have much to do with religion or spirituality, but it is about “wishing situations and others the best”.


Maybe it does not take one good song to solve the troubled world situation right now, but you will definitely feel better after you listen to this stunning single!


Listen to “Pray” here:




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