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“Sitting in your car today. Driving till we drift away. Blushing like I’m tweety bird” are the first words of Raveena‘s new song “Tweety”.The R&B and soul singer is back after the release of her Moonstone EP, which was one of the soulful highlights of 2020.


With this new song is also available an accompanying music video. It shows the young American singer in a very colorful outfit and an eccentric hairstyle on a vintage cable phone. Followed by a slightly psychedelic animation. There is in addition an Indian vibe with subtitles available in Hindi calligraphy.


This is undoubtedly linked to her highly spiritual personality. Raveena reads Buddhist, Sikh, and Hindu texts regularly. For her meditation and mindfulness are two very important elements. The singer speaks almost metaphysically about her creative practice.


The artist’s culture is just as important as the identity she expresses. According to her, the South Asian community is highly stereotyped in the mainstream culture. Yet with her music, the 26-year-old singer aims for a “complete expression of the self”.


For all her projects, she is the creative director. She has chosen everything from A to Z, from photographers to scriptwriters, the choice of sets… Everything is thought of by her alone. “I literally will be calling in equipment and set pieces myself”, she says. “I’m crazy, I have to be a part of everything. Making sure everything lives and breathes in a specific world”.


You can check out the new track “Tweety” below:




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