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It seems it’s been just long enough for studios to remake a bunch of 80s movies without fans claiming it’s too soon. We’ve had Ghostbusters (ok there was a little backlash with that), we’re getting Top Gun, and now we’re getting…The Cannonball Run?


While it’s not quite got the same classic status as those other two, the original 1981 film was a big deal at the time, starring an ensemble of 80s stars including Burt Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Jackie Chan and Dom Deluise, to name a few. The film centred around an illegal cross-country race where dirty tricks between participants was the norm.


A reboot has been on the cards for a few years. Just last year Etan Cohen (Get Hard) was attached to write and direct before that fell through, but Warner Bros. now might have found their director. They’re in talks with Rawson Thurber (We’re The Millers) to direct the film, with Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant to write the script.


Warner Bros. isn’t describing the film as a remake, rather a relaunch based on the famous Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, a real-life, unsanctioned race which ran five times in the 1970s, with the winner simply being who finished the race – usually from New York to California – in the shortest time.


Amid all the remakes and reboots, The Cannonball Run sticks out a little since it’s not a film that’s stayed particularly fresh in the public consciousness. However, if the studio takes a similar approach to the 80s and adds a huge ensemble cast (and let’s face it, there’s probably an idea for a franchise or at least multiple sequels in the back of their mind), perhaps this could be a worthwhile relaunch.


Considering Warner Bros. has been attempting to get this thing off the ground for a few years however, it’s probably not wise to hold your breath and expect a quick, easy glide into production any time soon. Getting the film made isn’t going to be as quick as the race itself, it seems.



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