R&B Artist Surya Has Dropped His Latest Single ‘Any Given Sunday’ | Music News


After a period of quiet, the London based artist Surya is back with his latest single “Any Given Sunday”, an engaging R&B song featuring Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop beats.


Surya was born in Chennai, India and he was exposed to a wide range of sounds since young age. When he was 10, he moved to London, where his interest for music fruitfully developed. On his bus rides through the busy city, Surya started writing songs and making beats on his phone.


In the summer of 2016, Surya released “Move It”, an R&B single that combined Hip-Hop sensibilities and elements of World Music. BBC Radio immediately picked the track and played on his stations, with one of the presenters describing the artist “a pop, R&B, fusion bang”.


Following the success of his debut single, Surya released his first independent album Adolessence in November 2017, with 11 tracks exploring topics like existentialism, sexual harassment, alcoholism and ambition.


Surya’s impressive capability to deal with social issues through his powerful music made him one of the best BBC Introducing picks of 2018 and his music has been covered by blogs from Britain to South Africa.


With his newest track “Any Given Sunday”, Surya experimented outside production, created a cutting edge sound that feels nostalgic and new at the same time, and he delivered some intense lyrics that will definitely get stuck into your mind.


Listen to it here:




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