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American R&B newcomer Khamari released his first debut single “Jealous“ on June 19. “Jealous” is a relaxing R&B track with heartfelt vocals and is the first song of five initial releases. The song deals with loneliness, stagnation and envy.


Khamari is a multi-talented independent artist, songwriter, and producer. While still in school, he celebrated his first successes with cover songs. He has reached over hundreds of millions plays and over 50,000 followers on Soundcloud. Before he focused on his own artistry, he studied at Berklee College of Music for awhile and worked as a successful songwriter.


He is a vocalist, pianist and guitarist. He wrote “Jealous“ on his own and produced the song in his bedroom. The producer duo Trackside did the final production and Khamari said they’ve had a big influence on the creative process and quality of the song. Trackside is already known in the music industry, because they worked on projects as the Selena Gomez platinum hit “Back To You”.



“Jealous” starts with a soft guitar sound and clear vocals. After the first hook a relaxing beat evolves. In the lyrics a person is dealing with loneliness and is jealous of his friends who’re going out, having fun and basically living a normal life.


Khamari stated out that the song doesn’t have anything to do with the Coronavirus lockdown, even if he understand it feels relatable. “To me it kind of gives that lonely stoner feeling you can get from listening to Kid Cudi. I just think it hits in the same way cause we all have those thoughts and get in that headspace sometimes“ he explains.


Listen to “Jealous” now:




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