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Singer-Songwriter Phoebe Coco has recently published the penultimate song of her forthcoming debut album My White Horse. “Ready” is a folk song with electronic influences and beautiful vocals, provided by Sharp Attack Records.


Phoebe grew up in a household of musicians and enjoyed an extensive musical education. More specifically her mother toured in Hair- The Musical and danced in Diana Ross videos and uncle Pedro Ortiz drummed for David Bowie and Mick Jagger.


After Phoebes graduation in Music & Visual Arts at Brighton’s Art University, she became part of the thriving music scene in London. She created experimental sounds with performance collective Breathing Space.


Furthermore Phoebe composed for film and theatre, wrote music for Universal and two songs of debut album “My White Horse” even made it into commercials.


“Ready” starts with a funky piano riff, a grinding synth bass and a drifty rhythm. With clear and confident vocals Phoebe sings the chorus: “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, from the sun right down to the sea“. The vocals meet with ethereal harmonies of her twin sisters Grace and Dorothy, creating an angelic sound.


Halfway through the song, the atmosphere of the song is changing. Phoebes vocals and sound
are modifying to a mysterious and thoughtful direction, accompanied by gentle playful piano sounds. At the end of “Ready” Phoebe is returning with a powerful rhythm and ends the song with the lyrics “I wouldn’t mess with me”. Listen to the song below now.




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