‘Ready Player One’ Homages 11 Film Posters | Film News

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‘Ready Player One’ Homages 11 Film Posters | Film News


The start of Ready Player One is coming closer really fast. Many fans of the book weren’t thrilled about the released trailer. They missed the Easter Eggs that the book gave them. Now that could get a little different with the newly released film posters. They show the characters of the film in the style of old film posters like Matrix, Back to the Future and The Goonies.


After Hot Topic released the exclusive retro line of merchandise a couple of weeks ago, this is another step into nostalgia.


It seems that the skeptical voices maybe don’t have to be so sceptical anymore. With Steven Spielberg being the director, it is possible that the book will get the adaption it needs. You could say that it is more realistic with him as the director than with everybody else. The hopes are high that he will make this pop-culture mash-up like it should be.


Ready Player One premiers on March 28.



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