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Introducing Polish contemporary Christian music band Reaktywacja, with their brand new single “Full Of Mercy“. According to the 7-piece band, #Reaktywacja is more than just a band, they are a way of life, sort of how Christianity is more than just a religion, it’s a relationship with God, and I can relate to that.


Led by bass guitarist and composer Mikołaj Budniak, the band is made up of three vocalists Marta Fedyniszyn, Przemek Kleczkowski, and Łukasz Wicher, while Łukasz Belcyr is on guitars, Grzegorz Sykulski on keyboard, and Piotr Budniak on drums.


I’m not sure if all the elements of their band are at full pelt on this new song “Full Of Mercy”, as it is essentially a piano ballad, which is held together by a gripping and outstanding vocal performance from Przemek Kleczkowski. There’s nothing extraordinary going on with the stripped down musical backdrop, but it is Przemek’s voice that grabs and keeps your attention.


The song is a beautiful homage to God and his mercy upon the band, and lyrically, it’s the simplest of songwriting, but it still touches your heart, especially if you also believe in God as I do. According to the band, this song was created for a seriously ill girl, and the track helped her through her illness. What an incredibly kind gesture, I hope the girl is ok. Listen to “Full Of Mercy” below.




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