Rebecca McCartney Unveils Debut Single ‘Remember Less’

Rebecca McCartney has returned to her hometown of New York, where she grew up surrounded by a lot of musicians, to release her debut single titled “Remember Less”.

Her early songwriting led to the release of an indie-folk record under the duet moniker Garden Party with her close friend Jakob Leventhal last year, but now that she has her own voice and plenty to say about the world, she is making her debut as a solo artist.

McCartney is set to release her genre-bending debut EP How You Feel later this year, following a college career spent studying jazz and playing in an R&B band. She has created an edgy, ethereal sound that embraces her silky vocals and absorbing lyrical insights, drawing on her broad musical influences and experiences.

Speaking about “Remember Less”, McCartney says, “I wrote this song in my college house in Minnesota, thinking about the boy I had just left behind in New York, where I’m from. You can hear me working through the day-by-day loss of the tactile feeling of our time together as his memory got farther away, even as I was trying to convince myself I didn’t care“.

Regarding how the song came about, she goes on to add that, “it’s a moody fusion of R&B, indie rock, and wondering whether someone’s moving on faster than you. I worked with my close friend and collaborator, Jakob Leventhal, who produced the whole EP that ‘Remember Less’ is on”.

Listen to the single below:


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