Rebel Rae – Good Vibes | Music Video

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Rebel Rae – Good Vibes | Music Video

Rebel Rae 04.03.2016ANDREW


Newcomer Rebel Rae releases her new single, “Good Vibes”. Signed to First East Circular, Rebel Rae is writing and recording her debut album, which is coming soon. Born and raised in northern Virginia, the talented singer-songwriter says the song “is how I’d want it to be if I got all my people together to celebrate”.


The song seems to kick off mournfully, very atmospheric and Eighties, lead by synthesiser. The rattling drum machine kicks in with a very, at times, syncopated flow, that veers between soulfully sung and snapping rapped vocals. Apparently the party in the video is an actual party, having her friends perform and playing background.




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