Red Band Trailer Arrives For ‘Home Sweet Hell’ | Film Trailer


This week Vertical Entertainment has released a red band trailer for upcoming comedy thriller Home Sweet Hell, and despite reading negative comments about the film, I think this feature looks surprisingly appealing. Think Desperate Housewives meets The Hangover, as Don Champagne (Patrick Wilson) looks to his wife Mona (Katherine Heigl) for advice after his mistress Dusty (Jordana Brewster) falls pregnant and demands $25,000 for the infidelity to remain quiet.


The trailer begins as a pristine house surrounded by white picket fences symbolizes the seemingly flawless marriage between Don and Mona. As we delve further into the Champagne household, the domesticated Mona is obsessively demanding and only participates in copulation when it has been appropriately scheduled in her diary. All thanks to Heigl’s character portrayal, Mona’s critical remarks and plastered smile make for great humour.


As drama ensues, she insists Don must murder his mistress to proceed with their ‘happy’ existence. Perhaps offering one of the most comical aspects of the film, a scene presents the wimpy Don as he throws himself at a toilet bowl to vomit after failing to murder Dusty. Mona on the other hand has no issues hacking away at Dusty’s body with one of her power tools exclaiming, “by the way, she’s not pregnant”!


The only thing that could be lacking in this film is substance, although dripping in comedy it would be interesting to see them explore and develop Mona’s character further. Home Sweet Hell is directed by Anthony Burns, and although there are rumours the film may not see a cinema, it should be set for release next year.




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