Red Cafe + Fabolous – Still Here (Chinx Drugz Tribute) | New Music


After the tragic passing of Popular rapper Chinx Drugs (Lionel Pickings), member of French Montana’s Coke Boys less than 48 hours ago on May 17, tributes have been pouring in on social media from friends and fans, the known circumstances of his death at this time is that he was killed by drive by shooting in Queens, New York. Chinx will obviously be missed, along with the countless amount of rappers that have lost their lives to personal problems that either stem from the streets or are self inflicted, they are not able to get themselves out of situations that cut their lives so brutally short.


I wonder what it will take, for rappers to see that codes are made to be broken and being from the street doesn’t mean your mind has to stay there, but that’s easily said, when all too often gang related activity is what helped them to fame, creating a vicious cycle that Hip Hop culture and industry need to change. Listen to tribute song by Redcafe and Fabolour in honour of ‘Shakedown Bullet’ and Chinx Drugs below.




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