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Red Hot Chili Peppers


A few days ago, Red Hot Chili Peppers announced the upcoming release of their first album track since I’m With You came out in 2011. The news came via Twitter on May 2 and stayed true to its word with the release of “Dark Necessities” on May 5.


Along with the new track, we have a release date and album title; The Runaway will be released on June 17 and can be pre-ordered here along with an instant download of “Dark Necessities”.


The song is melodic, tranquil, and with plenty of Flea‘s funky bass-guitaring. It also feels really familiar – like a distant relative – despite the large gap between this and I’m With You; in fact, it sounds more ‘RHCP’ than the last album did! It’s best not to jump to conclusions though, the band don’t always stick to the same style.


Listen to the track below, which comes with a picture of the album’s official artwork:




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