Reggae Artist KOFFEE Releases New Single ‘Lockdown’ | Music News


On July 17, award winning artist KOFFEE released her new reggae single “Lockdown”. On the song and related music video, the artist is fantasizing about the end of the quarantine.


20-year-old musician Mikayla “Koffee” Simpson is from Spanish Town, Jamaica. She got her name after ordering a coffee on a boiling hot day while everyone else opted for soda. In the past years, her popularity has increased enormously.


For Koffee, life wasn’t always easy, but she managed to became a talented musician. 2020 started with an historic Grammy win for Koffee in the Best Reggae Album category. It was the first time for a woman and the youngest artist ever achieve this. The magazine Teen Vogue describes her as “the past, present and future of reggae music”.


“Lockdown” has an engaging melody and a drifty rhythm. “Where will we go, when di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road”, Koffee sings in the chorus. Her voice sounds clear and spreads good vibes automatically.


Even if the Covid-19 pandemic is a difficult and stressful topic, the young artist manages to concentrate on the positive things and is looking ahead. In the music video you see Koffee interacting with several people in Spanish Town. The visuals capture Jamaica’s vibrancy against a backdrop of love, life and friendship.


Listen to “Lockdown“ and watch the video below!




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