Rejjie Snow – Charlie Brown | Music Video

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Rejjie Snow – Charlie Brown | Music Video


Irish rapper Rejjie Snow unveils his latest video from the Dear Annie vault. With uncredited guest vocals from Anna Of The North, Rejjie brings us the latest visuals to one of the Dear Annie fan favourites, “Charlie Brown


A silky smooth cover of Republic Of Loose’s 2008 hit “The Steady Song”, it serves as an homage to his Irish roots. Snow plays on the universal awkward experience of ‘meeting the parents for the first time’. We’ve all been there. But things get incredibly trippy in the Monica Gonzalez-Carter-directed visual as Snow takes it to a whole new level.


Things are already uncomfortable as ever but once he takes a sip of a mysterious pink drink, the wild scenes and hallucinations really start to kick in, not to mention his girlfriend’s mother trying to seduce him the whole time.


“Getting the opportunity to shoot in Mexico was really cool,” he told Complex of the experience in making this video. “I worked with the director Monica before and she told me to come out there so it was amazing to make it happen. This tune is one of my favorite Republic of Loose records so it was amazing to be able to put my twist on it. The video is weird and I’ll let it speak for itself.”




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